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The Wiggly Worm has a richness and diversity in its workforce combined with passion, commitment and belief in the difference our work can make.
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creating changes


WHAT? Making changes in the world of food to create positive social impacts.  

HOW LONG? It depends on the project. Perceptions and attitudes take a long time to change, but working in partnership offers exciting ways to create new positive changes.

WHO? Supporting anybody who for whatever reason finds life more difficult than others.

HOW MUCH? Prices will vary depending on the nature of the project and Wiggly Worm’s involvement. The priority will be working together to achieve a shared vision.

We’ve had the privilege of working with a range of organisations to help make significant social impacts in the world of food. From working with local suppliers to tackle food waste and food poverty (read more here), to developing unique social enterprises (StarBistros), we can offer advice, consultancy, or develop partnerships, to help create more opportunities for life. We know we can’t save the world using food on our own, so let’s work together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food and equal opportunities. 
Got an idea? Need advice or support for a new project? Let’s talk!

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