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WHAT? A journey from farm to fork, exploring and developing skills in teamwork, communication, independence, confidence, and skills for work.

HOW LONG? 8 day sessions over 8 weeks.

WHO? Anyone of any age, background, and ability, who finds life tough. 

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER? Participants leave the project having achieved something amazing. They learn about their individual strengths, and often go on to make positive changes in their lives, such as gaining employment. We are developing an exciting work experience package with local employers in partnership with the ‘GEM’ project, where we can make a real difference in supporting people into the food and catering industry, using the ‘Kitchen Challenge’ model. 

HOW MUCH? Prices start from £650 per person to complete the 8-week course, depending on location and group size.

TELL ME MORE: The concept of ‘Kitchen Challenge‘ was born when a group of young people (aged 14-15) who were struggling to achieve within the normal school environment came to Wiggly Worm to try something different. We used the opportunity to take the participants on an exciting journey from farm to fork, taking them out of their comfort zone to think hard about their motivations and aspirations.   

Participants learn about healthy eating, whilst becoming equipped with the skills needed to put this theory into practice in a practical kitchen environment. They prepare and cook dishes, individually and in groups, which they eat together as part of each session. Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to try lots of different ingredients to open their minds to new flavours, skills, and cuisines. As well as providing the skills to cook, individuals are given the opportunity to visit a farm or abattoir, a hard but necessary lesson in the origins of their food. 

Throughout the project, we teach health and safety knowledge, and participants get the chance to take a Food Safety exam to gain a certificate – a great addition to their CV. As well as this, they collect a portfolio of recipes which they have cooked each week. The programme takes every individual towards a better place, ready for meaningful employment or other experiences, and encourages reflection and correction in attitudes, behaviours, strengths, and ambitions.

This exciting project culminates with the learners running their own restaurant service to specially invited guests, where they devise their own menu, prepare, cook, and serve all the food themselves. A real sense of achievement.

This project not only gives the participants skills to progress in the food industry if desired, but also works as a tool to build confidence, motivation, communication, and team working skills. Hopefully these will then be transferable to other aspects of their lives, helping to reach their full potential. 

We believe that the participants deserve a chance to prove that they can be responsible and can work hard, so we allow the opportunity to shine. It is truly amazing what they can achieve in just six weeks, and the projects have been an outstanding success so far.

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