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The Wiggly Worm has a richness and diversity in its workforce combined with passion, commitment and belief in the difference our work can make.
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Inclusive community groups where people learn to cook healthy recipes and enjoy eating together.


WHAT? Inclusive community groups where people learn to cook healthy recipes and enjoy eating together.

HOW LONG? From one off sessions to 4 week courses, we can tailor make the programme to suit the need.

WHO? We’ve worked with parents and their children (aged 8-11), older people hoping to get to know other residents, and Active Impact as part of their ‘Of Course We Can’ programme for young disabled and non-disabled people working together. ‘Get Cooking’ is for anyone wanting to know more about cooking and healthy eating, whilst having fun!

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER? Participants get the resources they need to improve their diet and health, whilst building their confidence in the kitchen. They have a portfolio of recipes to use at home, and often make lasting friendships within the groups.
HOW MUCH? Starting at just £60 for an individual to complete a cookery session, which includes making a two-course lunch to enjoy eating as a group.

TELL ME MORE: The Wiggly Worm can offer several community cookery projects as part of our portfolio and are pleased to have worked with Gloucestershire County Council on numerous development projects. Our delivery team are suitably qualified and have many years’ experience of working in the catering industry and teaching people with a wide range of abilities.  

Through hands-on courses, participants prepare and cook a variety of dishes which are easily reproduced at home or in community kitchens. From fish pie to vegetable curry, there is something to please everyone! Participants get to taste new flavours and experiment with ingredients which they may not have previously tried, gaining knowledge and skills along the way. 

As well as these priceless practical skills, we will also help educate on the importance of healthy eating and encourage using seasonal produce. 

We’ve worked with a group of residents in Matson who wanted to learn skills and recipes to cook for their local community. Here’s what they had to say:

‘Wiggly Worm are amazing - started us all thinking about cooking and sharing food. They arranged for some qualifications for some community members who have just cooked Christmas dinner for 100 older people from our community. All because of Wiggly Worm - thank you Wiggly Worm.’ Together In Matson.

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